Mask Refresher Spray

Mask Refresher Spray

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Tired of mask breath? 

These essential oil mask sprays will help with that!

These sprays are made with the highest quality organic essential oils and witch hazel. 

 1 spritz keeps the odour away. Just shake, spray lightly onto your mask & enjoy! 

Available in :
- Wintergreen : fresh and cool, wintergreen oil is said to help alleviate tiredness and may have anti-inflammatory properties!
- Lavender : Calming, floral, perfect for busy days in stressful times; lavender oil may also help heal acne and reduce inflammation.
- Lemon : a fresh, citrusy, & uplifting scent that smells oh so clean! Lemon oil may also help invigorate and re-energize you!
- Peppermint: freshens breath, can help alleviate stomach upset & congestion and is known to help with headaches and other body pain such as menstrual cramps.
-Orange: known to lift your mood, reduce stress and may even calm dizziness and nausea. Orange oil has antimicrobial properties and may also help with pain relief.